Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One day at a time, one hour at a time

Last night was rough, which has made today really rough :) I was up until 4am waiting for Dylan's fever to subside and his transfusion of platelets to be done. During any transfusion, they have to take his vitals every 15 minutes to ensure that he does not have any allergic reactions to the blood. Well, in order for them to get his accurate blood pressure, Dylan has to be calm and still--something that he does not like to do! Hey, even I hated my blood pressure being taken every half hour while I was in labor--I can not imagine how hard it is for him! So to keep him still, I would just hold him and cuddle him and it worked out well--I just can't sleep while doing it! (maybe I will figure out a way sometime) He has blood in is stools last night which could have been from his platelets being low--so they are keeping an eye on that (so much fun to disect the poo!) He has been fever-free since last night and we are awaiting the results of the blood culture. They can usually tell if any bacteria is growing within 48 hours--so please pray that the tests come back NEGATIVE. Every other time he has had a fever, the cultures have come back negative--so we PRAISE GOD for that! The doctors are going to hold off on Dylan's chemo treatments until his white blood cell counts come back up. As of right now, he has barely any bone marrow and his counts are dangerously low. Please pray that his body quickly recovers from the past chemo treatments and creates the cells he needs to fight off infections and grow back healthy bone marrow. He has been a trooper through all of this-through the transfusions, the tubes in his nose, the constant poking and proding, and everything else that they are putting him through. We are thankful that a year from now, he will not remember any of this. We are praying that God takes this poisonous disease away from him and that He completely heals him!! Thank you for your continues prayers and encouragement!!

This video makes nights like last night all worth it!! I love his smiles!!


  1. Dear Father and savor,
    we ask you today to protect Dylan. Cast out any infecion he may have, and give im the strength to continue chemo. You are our healer, and we ask you for favor today. Wrap your arms around him for comfort, and continue to give strength to is family.
    we pray this in your name. AMEN

    Hopekids Pray for you tonight
    Carrie and Owen

  2. Wow, I need to check the spelling before I post. Oh well remember it came fromt he heart...I just type to fast...HAHA
    No edit Button :)
    """"Dear Father and Savior"""

  3. Again 4 spelling errors....ugh.....I will stop while I am ahead.


  4. I feel you on the infection thing. When Madi's cultures came back positive, it was rough. That was what put us in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. We will continue to pray for your precious baby. He is in God's hands! What about a ring sling? You could put him in it, have him against you, and sleep because you don't have to worry about dropping him or him falling. Here's a link to one of my favorites...


  5. Keeping him in my prayers! He is such a tough little fighter..oh ya and cute too:)

  6. You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful child! My prayers go out to you & your family.
    God Bless.