Thursday, July 23, 2009

Calling all prayer warriors!!!

Through this journey we have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new friends! One of the families is Aaron & Mandy Higginbothem. Their daughter, Zoe Amanda, was born March 26, 2009 with a nueroblastoma cancer tumor on her adrenal gland. She is just a couple weeks older than Dylan. Zoe has been going through multiple chemo sessions and just had a scan done on the tumor to see how it was responding. The following in an excerpt from Zoe's website:

"The scan came back and it was hard news. Before I share I am concerned that I wont do it justice and could easily fall into hopelessness or stretching of the facts to give some sort of false hope. So, I will just write what we know and leave the interpretation vague. Dr. Cohen informed us that the tumor did not change whatsoever. It has not spread but has also not decreased in size or in the number of tumors. I asked what does that mean and he said that he is afraid that the tumor has not and will not respond to chemo therapy. Both surgery and radiation have been ruled out and that leaves us with the hope that the cancer will just go away on its own. He also said that he does not know exactly if that is true or what the next step is. It should have responded and the round of chemo that she went through was the best drug out there. So, he will spend the next couple of weeks consulting with specialists around the country asking for advice as to what to do next. He feels that we will have to "wait and see." He said that this puts us into an even more rare form of neuroblastome that doesn't respond to chemo. The hope that he has now is that it will go away on its own. Neuroblastome is the only known cancer to have a shot at that. So right now it seems that all treatment is off the table for now. So, NOW WE NEED PRAYER FOR HEALING MORE THAN EVER! Even though it has always been in God's hands, it is more apparent than ever now. We are not sure of the next step. So pray for wisdom for Dr. Cohen, Miracoulus healing for Zoe, Strength for us, And his grace to go another day and then another. We are tired, we are hurting, and we are weak, we don't understand, we are angry, we are scared, and we are holding onto Jesus! Pray that he helps us hold on."

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this amazing family!! Erik and I had the pleasure of meeting precious Zoe at a diamondbacks game and she is absolutely adorable and full of energy!! But like Dylan, her body is very sick on the inside and we need our Heavenly Father to HEAL her precious body!! WE SERVE AN AMAZING AND ALL-POWERFUL GOD, AND HE HAS THE POWER TO HEAL LITTLE ZOE!! Thank you in advance for all of your prayers! If you want to follow along with Zoe's journey, here is the link:

Praying for miracles for our babies,

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